All entrees can be made Mild (no spice), Medium (in between hot and mild) and Hot (jalapeno hot) spicy.
NOTE: Veg Pakora, Onion Bhaji, Paneer Pakora are Gluten Free BUT fried in the same oil so there is cross contamination  and Lot of the items can be made dairy Free upon request and lot of the items are organically dairy free. We have a big selection of vegetarian items those can be made Vegan upon request. Most of the entrees are Gluten Free except the obvious ones like Naan and noodles.

All Entrees Come with 16 0z of rice, if you fee like its not enough please order extra under the category “kids and sides”

Browse our menu below and you can call us with your order 303-945-4168. You have the option to order Online Through this LINK.