Spice Kitchen restaurant was recently opened by the Aryal family. Our family is dedicated to offer authentic and delicious Indian and Nepali food at an affordable price. The spices that come directly from Nepal and India create a riveting flavor in Spice Kitchen’s food. Our family believes that secret recipes and a touch of love gives a distinctive taste in the food.

The chef, owner of the restaurant, has owned and worked in multiple restaurants in Nepal, India, Japan, and Hong Kong for 40 years. Over the years, the chef has mastered the art of combining spices and ingredients together to bring out the best in his food.

For the Aryal family, Spice Kitchen is a work of passion, art, and love. In Nepali culture, hospitality is the old tradition where they believe customers are a form of god. Their service reflects their belief.

With good food, great service, and a welcoming environment Spice Kitchen hopes that you will enjoy your time here.